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"The randomosity of it all!" You said exasperated as you crumpled up the piece of paper and tossed it aside.
"My picture!" he cried, running over to the discarded piece of paper. He picked it up and tried to unfold it.
Kyouya calmly walked up to Tamaki and stole the piece of paper from his hands and tossed it into the closet.
"Fetch," Kyouya said quietly.
Tamaki bounded into the closet that you had already entered. The twins shut it and locked you both in.
When Tamaki noticed he had been tricked he slammed his hands up against the door waling dramatically.
"Mommy! How could you do such a thing to Daddy?"
You heard muffled sounds on he either side of the door which you recognized to be laughter. A voice spoke out amongst it.
"Just hurry up and kiss her already! We all know you want to!"
Tamaki pulled away from the door and sighed. A serene faced fell over Tamaki's face and you smiled to yourself, you loved it when he wasn't whiney. He suddenly looked at you through his wavy blond hair. Your heart beat furiously as he walked up to you. He scratched his head and looked to the side, clearly embarrassed.
"So, ugh, Caysee-chan."
You stood still like a deer caught in headlights, Your heart rate increasing by the second. He took a few more steps until he was directly in front of you. Standing at least a head taller than you, leaned over to get a better look at your eyes.
Then, your heart stopped, his eyes were just to spectacular.
He chuckled as if he knew what you were thinking. He crashed his lips into your and your heart started again.
The door opened and the two of you were finally freed from the closet.
You walked over to the bed and then noticed that something wasn't right. You felt around and noticed that your bra wasn't on! You blushed a deep and unimaginable shade of red.
You threw a quick glare at Tamaki who was smiling at you. He put a finger to his lips telling you to shush, as he showed you the bra that was hiding in his pocket.
"Give that back," you mouthed across the room
"No," he mouthed back...

"A sword?? Whose picture is this?" you said looking around the room at everybody's faces.
Mori stood up and disconnected Hani from his shoulders who looked up at Mori with a pout on his face.
Mori, do you love Caysee more than me," he wiped tears from his eyes. You smiled; you knew it was all just an act. You could swear you heard fangirls squealing from outside, but it might have just been your imagination.
Mori walked up to Huni and lifted him up and began to swing him around in circles. Finally Huni broke and began to giggle happily. Mori put him down you walked into the closet. You sheepishly followed. The closet got pitch black as soon as you closed the closet.
"So what's up?" you asked casually and comfortably as you leaned up against a wall.
"I love the way you are with Huni, he really seems to look up to you."
More silence.
You got a little angry, you always figured him to be a little bit of snob. He never really said much to you, even when you tried your hardest to make him speak. You looked up from your feet that you suddenly noticed you were staring at with a scowl on your face. You opened your mouth to shout at him but he was quicker than you. He placed his hands up against the wall in an instant, pinning you up against the wall. You snapped your mouth shut, blushing in the dark.
"Shh..." He whispered the first thing you had ever heard come from his mouth. Then he did something even bolder, he kissed you.
His lips were warm and soft and quickly made your anger disappear. You didn't want to play this game, but you guessed that it would be okay for the time being. You pulled up your shakey hands and rested them on his chest, which was well built and warm underneath your fingertips. He pulled away from the kiss and you let out a shaky sigh. He smiled as he grew more confident and took his hands off the wall to wrap them around your waist.
The door opened and Huni and Hikaru Burst threw the door. Mori threw them an evil glare and they immediately closed the door. You chuckled and Mori kissed you again.
Who knows what happened after that.

A t-shirt! You stared at it for a couple of seconds.
Kauro and Haruhi peered over your shoulders. "Wad ja get?" they both asked.
"A T-shirt!" you said loud enough so that everyone could hear. "I'm just gonna make this easy and walk into the closet by myself." you said because you were shy and saw no immediate reaction.
When you got in you saw that the light bulb had burnt out so now the closet was completely dark. The unfortunate thing was that you were a little bit afraid to be in the dark by yourself. You sighed as you crossed your arms across your chest, grabbing your shoulders as you shook slightly.
"Guess no ones coming in." you said to yourself.
"Guess again!"
You screamed as Hikaru appeared out of nowhere, only inches from your face. A flashlight was shining underneath his chin for special effect. You backed into the corner of the closet as he laughed hysterically at you.
Your body trembled as your legs and placed your head on your knees, sitting at the floor.
Hikaru stopped laughing and crawled over in his hands and knees. The flashlight was still in one of them and the light flickered off the walls.
"Are you okay?"
Your whole body seized up when you tried to stop the crying. You failed as your tears got bigger, the tears were making your jeans wet. "How did you get in here?" you asked shakily through tears.
"Let's just say I'm faster than you think."
You sniffled.
"Hey, listen." you heard him say and you raised you head to look at Hikaru. You found it hard to see. You saw a blurry hand reach forward to touch your face. He wiped away some of the tears.
"I'm sorry. I didn't expect you to cry."
"It's no problem." you said as you stopped crying, and wiping away your few last tears. You smiled, "You just startled me, that's all."
"Then ill keep the flashlight on, we still have a couple of minutes in here."
"Well, what do we do until then?" You asked him and blushed.
Hikaru moved closer beside you so that you leaned against him. He shown the flashlight against an empty wall and began to make shadow puppets with his hands. You giggled.
Hikaru smirked at you. "You've got a cute laugh, you know that?"
Before you knew it, he had moved you onto the floor and he leaned over you. He was blushing furiously as he leaned forward and kissed you.
Your eyes widened in surprise, and then you closed them in comfort. His kisses were rough, but you knew he was only playing with you. You kissed him back with much enthusiasm. Eventually his kisses made it down your neck and landed on your collarbone. Trying not to moan was a challenge.
Satisfied, he traveled back up and returned to kissing your lips again. He slipped his hands around your waist. You saw one last smirk on his face before the flashlight went out.
A few seconds later the closet door opened and light flooded in.
"Times up!" Kauro said happily. Then his faced turned sad when he saw what was happening.
"Hikaru!" Kauro blushed. "How dare you flirt with another!" tears welled up in his eyes.
Hikaru winked at you as he got up and turned his attention to his brother.
"Kauro! You know you're my only love."
"Hikaru!" he said looking into his brothers eyes.
You blushed a little because you beginning to understand why the girls liked them so much when they played incest brothers. But you wouldn't for the love of god admit it, it would make Hikaru way too cocky. You got up and left the closet, returning to Kauro's and Haruhi's side.

"Okay..." You sighed. Your heart beat a little faster. "Who drew the pen?" You saw Kyouya stand up and your cheeks went slightly pink. Your first reflex was to run into the closet and don't look back, but your whole body froze up. "Is he even kissable?" You asked to yourself as he walked into the closet. Finally you decided that it was time to get it over with, you sighed and walked into Kioko's closet, closing the door behind you. The light from the light bulb was dim as you walked deeper into Kioko's bedroom closet. It was slightly crowded, so Kyouya was only about a foot away from you. He pushed his glasses up on his nose and returned to writing on his clipboard that he had snuck in with him. "What are you doing?" Moving in beside him so that your shoulders were touching. "Some research." He said plainly. "Oh." you looked at his face, but it was unreadable as he looked at the clipboard. After a couple of minutes, you sighed and began to slide down the wall until you were sitting down completely. "I didn't really like him anyway." you thought to yourself."...but I guess. It would have been okay..." You suddenly felt Kyouya's legs shift beside you as he began to slide down the wall as well, but his attention was still fixated on the clipboard. "Don't you get board of that stuff?" you asked slightly angry. "No. Why? Is there something you would rather be doing instead?" He paused as he finally turned to look at you. "Or someone..." Your cheeks turned bright red as you realized that you were stuck in the closet with a mini pervert. You shifted over so that your shoulders were no longer touching. Kyouya finally decided that it was time to put down his clipboard. He reached a hand up to touch your cheek. You tried to pull away but he had you cornered. "I won't disappoint you," He whispered as you could feel his warm breath on your lips. You closed your eyes. You felt him kiss you and chills went up your spine. His lips were strangely cold and so were his hands. He put them around his waist, slightly pushing you up against the wall. You really didn't know what to do so you let him take control. His kisses were soft as he pushed you harder against the wall, pushing his body tight against yours. You suddenly squeaked as you felt his hands go up the back of your shirt. You pulled back for air. "What's the matter?" he asked looking at you. He looked slightly disappointed. "Your hands are cold." "They'll warm up." He said plainly and taking a hand away to take off his glasses. He put it back up your shirt, and rubbing small circles with his hands against your back as he kissed you again, but this time a little rougher. You giggled slightly as you began to feel his lips warm up, you casually wrapped your hands around his neck and pulling him even closer, if that was possible. Suddenly, light flooded in from the closet door. You shielded your eyes. Everyone from the Host club + Kioko just stared, not knowing what to think or do. When your eyes adjusted a little, you turned to Kyouya, who had pulled away from you and was fumbling around the closet floor for his glasses and clipboard. He was blushing slightly. You calmly picked his glasses up from beside you and passes them to him, getting up out of the closet with no expression whatsoever and returning to the bed where a very angry and jealous Kioko was waiting. You watched as Kyouya finally came out of the closet, his eyes were unreadable as the glare of the bedroom lights reflected off his glasses. He sat down next to Tamaki and returned to his clipboard. Huni was the first to speak up, therefore the bravest. "Did mommy cheat on Daddy by doing dirty things to Caysee-chan?" "No!" Tamaki spoke up and had a determined look on his face. "Mommy would never do such a thing to daddy, right?" Kyouya just pushed his glasses farther up his nose. Tamaki freaked out and crawled into a dark corner to grow his mushrooms. The twins just looked at him, "You such a drama queen Tamaka-dono."

"One of my favorite fruits." You said slightly out of it. A bright orange was scribbled on a piece of purple paper. "It's actually a tangerine." Kauro blurted out and everyone turned to stare at him. He blushed when he noticed you staring at him. You shrugged and stood up, taking one last look at everyone's eager faces before turning around to head for the closet. Kauro shoved his hands in his pockets and followed you in. He closed the door behind both of you. You both leaned up against opposite sides of the wall, avoiding each others gaze. You found yourself shifting from foot to foot uncomfortably. You fiddled with some change in your pocket. You knew he was expecting something, but you didn't know whether or not to make the first move. "This is a dumb game," you mumbled to yourself getting frustrated. You plopped down on the carpet. "You said it," he agreed as he sighed. He still had his hands in his pockets. "What made you come then?" You asked. "Wherever Tamaki-dono goes, so do the rest of us. He really wanted to come to." "Oh joy." You said sarcastically. You couldn't really come up with a better response. You searched your head for something to say, but all you could muster was awkward silence. Time ticked by until Tamaki and Kioko opened the door. Kauro panicked. "I didn't get to kiss her yet!" He scrambled to grab the doorknob and closed it, locking it from the inside. You could hear everyone's voices yelling protest and fists slamming the door from the other side. He stared at you and things got awkward again. So you said the first thing that came to mind. "If you wanna kiss me than do-" Kauro cut you off with his lips, putting his hands on each side of your face. His soft hair brushed up against your forehead, and he smelt good, like strawberries almost. He pulled away looking into your eyes for a reaction, and when he noticed that you didn't seem to mind, he kissed you again. Your heart beat in your chest when he let go of your face to brush your hair behind your ears. He blushed suddenly kissing you on your forehead and turning around to unlock the closet door and leave, you stand stunned in the dim light. You finally walked out the closet a minute later where everyone was yelling at Kauro for passing his minutes. You plopped down beside the bed and leaned up against it. You looked over at Kauro who was holding hands with his brother. You blushed when you saw him waving his hand in front of your face. You hadn't realized you had zoned out. He laughed at you. Kioko pulled a paper out of the hat...

"A belt? What a boring picture." You hold the picture up for everyone to see. "Well I'm sorry for trying to be different!" Huni jumped up from his sitting spot and stomped into the closet. His eyes were full of tears. You stood up and looked at the picture, then at your friends, then at the picture again. "Do I have to do this? He's like a little kid. I don't think this is right." Both the twins got off of the chair they were sharing and grabbed you shoulders. They pushed you towards the closet. They spoke at the same time. "He's actually a third year so that makes him older than you. It's legal for you to kiss him." They gave you a final shove that flung you deep into the closet. You hit your head off the far wall. You looked back at the twins to see them smiling at you. "Have fun!" they said and closed the door. "Damn twins." You mumbled to yourself as you gingerly touched the bump on your head. "Ouchy." you whispered. There was a window in the closet and the moonlight shown through it. You turned your head and saw Huni crawl up to you. He looked worried. "Pina-chan, are you okay?" "I'll be fine, but I guarantee that those little devils won't be when I'm done with them." "Are you sure?" he asked in his childlike voice. "Usa-chan could kiss it better for you." You smiled good heartedly at Huni. "Sure, why not." "Usa-chan said she'll do it only if you close you eyes first." He leaned in close to whisper to you as if telling a secret, "She's shy." "Oh I see," you said to him closing your eyes as you waited for a rabbit kiss, but you felt warm lips instead. You opened you eyes in surprise as you saw Huni.  kissing you. You knew that you should have pulled away but the fact that you knew he was older than you made you stay still. You also didn't want to embarrass him. You closed your eyes and waited for him to pull away. When you opened you eyes he was blushing. "There. All better." he said quietly. You blushed as well as you pulled Huni into a quick hug. "Tell Usa-chan I said thank you." "I will," he whispered back. The closet door opened as you two were still hugging. You looked at the twins slightly angry. "What?!" "You didn't do anything, did you." They said disappointedly. "I could throw you guys in the closet if you like." you glared at them. They backed away slowly, holding up their hands in surrender. "No thanks," Kauro said. "We're good," finished Hikaru. "Good," you grumbled as you got out of the closet. You sat back down beside Kioko and Haruhi. Then you gasped in amazement as you noticed the bumb on your head had disappeared. You turned to look at Huni just as he him turn away. He had a big smile on his face and he was surrounded by his little flowers. You giggled as you turned your attention back to the game.
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